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13 Essex Street – 3 Unit

13 Essex Street

The primary task concerning this application was to layout parking on this site to accommodate the required six (6) parking spaces (2 per unit). The plan depicts the addition of a proposed 20- foot by 56-foot + gravel parking area to accommodate four vehicles. The additional two required spaces are provided in the existing garage and in the existing paved parking area. The plan also depicts where a guest vehicle might park clear of the required six spaces and driveway to them. All parking spaces meet the dimensional requirements of 4.10.1 of the Bylaw. There is a space along the curb line of Essex Street for two additional vehicles in front of the subject property.

The existing paved driveway varies in width. The minimum width near the front of the dwelling is 15 feet. The minimum width to any parking space is 16 feet. An aisle width of 20 feet is planned in the proposed four-car graveled parking area. There is ample space existing and proposed for all vehicles to turn around on site such that they do not need to back out into Essex Street.

The proposed gravel parking is to minimize the amount of stormwater runoff on-site. In addition, being proposed is a simple on-site stormwater management provision (BMP) to mitigate that runoff. The BMP of choice is a five-foot wide crushed stone infiltration trench immediately adjacent to and down slope of the gravel parking. A detail of this BMP is provided on the plan. Fortunately, the site is underlain by Merrimac find sandy loam soils. These soils are very well drained soils and should provide rapid infiltration beneath the crushed stone BMP. Should any overflow or bypass occur, there is an additional 20 foot + of grassed overland flow available prior to reaching abutting properties.

To address screening and the landscaping requirement of the Bylaw, we are proposing a six-foot high wood privacy fence between the parking spaces and the abutters to the west. An existing thick arborvitae hedge on the abutter’s property provide screening between the parking spaces and abutters to the east. An additional row of arborvitaes is proposed as depicted on the plan to soften the view of the proposed parking as one looks down the driveway from Essex Street. Well established plantings existing in the front and side yards near the dwelling as well as a healthy apple tree centered in the front yard.

In general, the building and site are neat, clean and well kept. The improvements proposed to satisfy the Bylaw will provide for a more systematic and convenient use of the property by the dwelling occupants.

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