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13 Essex Street – 3 unit to 5 unit

The Site Plan as submitted proposes to convert the existing 2-unit building into a 3-unit building and then add 2 additional units to the rear of that building for the total of 5 units. A garage and rear addition to the existing building would be removed to accommodate the new addition.

The CBZD requires 1.5 parking spaces per unit for the 3 proposed units in the existing structure which have 2 bedrooms each for a total of 5 parking spaces. The two units in the proposed rear addition are planned to have 3 bedrooms, which require 2 parking spaces per unit or 4 parking spaces. The total required number of parking spaces is then 9. The Site Plan proposes 10 parking spaces as follows:

6 garage spaces beneath the proposed rear addition

3 exterior on-site spaces at the rear of the site

1 exterior space on Essex Street
TOTAL 10 spaces

One additional parking space could be counted (when not used for snow storage) being the graveled area at the rear of the site, which could accommodate another vehicle (in tandem for the same unit).

The existing paved driveway varies in width. The minimum width I the front of the dwelling is 15 feet. Beyond that point the drive widens to 20 feet. The drive is of ample width existing and proposed for all vehicles to turn around on site so as to avoid the need to back out into Essex Street.

The Site Plan proposes a small square footage increase of impervious surfaces. The building roof area increase is approximately 1,100 square feet and the paved area increase is approximately 1,300 square feet for a total of approximately 2,400 square feet. To assure however that this small increase in impervious surface does not cause an increase in runoff to the abutting properties (per the Zoning Bylaw requirements), the Site Plan proposes a drainage system consisting of roof drainage, pavement and berm grading, curbing, a catch basin, water quality tank and an infiltration system. Melting from the proposed snow storage areas will also be directed to this drainage system. As well, the system as been designed to meet the water quality requirements of the Massachusetts Stormwater Management Standards.

The Site Plan proposes the requisite 5-foot minimum “green” buffer zone along the westerly and northerly property lines at the rear of the site. In addition, the site plan proposes a 6-foot high privacy fence along the property line that will enclose the entire rear area of the site.

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