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2022 Student Calendars Now available

Posted on December 21, 2021

The Town of Danvers Department of Public Works (DPW) is pleased to present our 2022 calendar. This year’s calendar recognizes the creative talents of the sixth-grade art students at the Holten Richmond Middle School who participated in a Poster Contest to publicize ELECTRIFICATION. This year students met with DPW staff in early October to discuss sustainable habits focusing on electrification. They discussed what electrification means and how it is practiced in the Town of Danvers! Students were able to see one of the Town-owned Electric Vehicles and learned how driving electric vehicles may benefit our environment.

The Town of Danvers supports the use of electric vehicles by offering electric vehicle (EV) owners $300 for installing some or all components of a Level 2 charger system. Danvers Electric has also partnered with Energy New England to offer the Danvers Drives Electric Outreach program. This program is intended to help inform Danvers electric customers about the savings and benefits that come from choosing an electric car and charging during off-peak hours. To support this outreach, students were encouraged to educate Danvers residents about electric vehicles, electric yard equipment, and how electrification impacts our carbon footprint.

We are so proud of all our contest participants! The selected poster artists will receive a certificate which will be presented at the January 18th Select Board Meeting. Entries submitted by our winning participants can be viewed below. A committee of judges who work within the Town of Danvers selected thirteen posters to be featured in this year’s calendar.

The DPW is committed to educating children about areas of sustainability including electrification and the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Through our support of community and school projects, we hope to encourage our residents to do their part to practice sustainable habits. CONGRATULATIONS to all our participants! You have all made a difference by teaching your community to help protect our environment!

The DPW Student Calendars are now available for pick up at the Town Hall at 1 Sylvan Street, the Business Division at 2 Burroughs Street, and the Danvers Post Office at 17 Conant St. The calendars are only available as supplies last. Please only take what you need as supplies are limited.

Zayd El-Kashawy: Cover

Zayd El-Kashawy – Cover

Raylee Anthony: January

Raylee Anthony – January

Lia Chiarenza - February

Lia Chiarenza – February

Giana Cash - March

Giana Cash – March

Emily Vaughan - April

Emily Vaughan – April

Jane Koulopoulos - May

Jane Koulopoulos – May

Lillian James - June

Lillian James – June

Elizabeth Sher - July

Elizabeth Sher – July

Maria Eduarda Bravim - August

Maria Eduarda Bravim – August

Connor Chagnon - September

Connor Chagnon – September

Charlotte Walfield - October

Charolette Walfield – October

Mia Saez - November

Mia Saez – November

Cian McCarty - December

Cian McCarty – December

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