Power Outage Update: https://www.danversma.gov/power-outage-update-2/.  Restoration is progressing as quickly and safely as conditions on the ground will allow. Consider all down wires as live and please be safe.

LOCATION: Danvers High School, 55 Cabot Street

J. Ellison Morse Field at Dr. Deering Stadium, Danvers High School, Has a New Flag Pole!

Flag at Morse Field, Dr Deering Stadium

A new flag pole was successfully installed by the Department of Public Works (DPW) at Danvers High School's J. Ellison Morse Field at Dr. Deering Stadium on Tuesday, July 23rd, following approval from Danvers Board of Selectmen. Now, thanks to the Danvers DPW, the Rotary Club of Danvers, and the Danvers Veterans Council, the flag flies beautifully within the Dr. Deering Stadium.









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