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240 Newbury Street

240 Newbury Street

The Applicant, United Civil, Inc., is a general contractor and civil subcontractor serving the power, energy and utility infrastructure markets. United Civil employs management, supervisor and craft labor to self-perform civil infrastructure, site work, concrete and underground utility construction for prime contractors, utility companies, power generators and institutions. United Civil, Inc. manages complex projects for construction managers and utility providers throughout New England and the Tri-State area, and works with people who care about improving human environments and delivers important utility infrastructure and contributes to developing spaces where people improve their lives. United Civil’s seasoned managers and field professionals are highly experienced at installing a wide range of underground utility systems. Currently headquartered in Middleton, MA, United Civil has identified the property located at 240 Newbury Street in Danvers as a well suited site for construction of its new general office building. Thomas O’Connell, President of United Civil, Inc. is a Danvers resident and much of the United Civil work force is from Danvers and surrounding communities.

United Civil was founded in 2015, with an extensive background in the civil construction industry. Through hard work over the past five years, the company has expanded and outgrown its current offices located in Middleton, MA. Many factors have been considered during the design process of the new office space, ensuring that the building meets the needs of the company today while keeping future needs in mind.

The property located at 240 Newbury Street contains 62,509 s.f. and is entirely within the Industrial I Zoning District. The property is bounded by Maple Street to the north, Hathorne Ave/aka Middleton Street to the west, Route 1 southbound to the east, and industrially zoned agricultural fields to the south. Originally part of the Danvers State Hospital property, the site is improved with a small former dwelling structure circa 1900 which was originally used for housing hospital workers. A newer accessory storage garage is also located on the property. In recent years the buildings have been used for office purposes and accessory storage. The Danvers Preservation Commission has determined that given the extensive changes that have been made to the existing original building over time, the building is not historically significant. It should be noted that the existing structure is non-conforming, having a 0’ setback to the front lot line.

The Applicant proposes to demolish the existing buildings and redevelop the site for its corporate office use, consisting of office space, employee support areas, an accessory indoor vehicle maintenance area and a small outdoor contractor storage area. The Industrial I Zoning District permits the proposed general office uses as well as the associated motor vehicle maintenance by right; the outdoor storage area which meets the definition of a contractor’s storage yard under the Zoning Bylaw, requires a Special Permit as discussed below. The Applicant proposes to construct a new attractive office building with an approximately 9,800 s.f. footprint, and total gross square footage of 36,285 s.f. New access from Hathorne Ave, aka Middleton Street, and a new parking area and building entrance improvements are proposed. The proposed office building will be fully conforming; the project will eliminate the non-conforming condition on the site by removing the existing non-conforming building and replacing it with a fully conforming building. The proposed office building will have a three story reveal on the main entrance/westerly face; total building height is 48’. A roof top solar array is proposed.

In addition to the Special Permit for a Contractor’s Yard, Site Plan approval under Section 4 of the Zoning Bylaw is requested. The Site Plan set demonstrate compliance with all dimensional and density requirements for development in the Industrial I Zoning District as follows:

Industrial - I Dimensional and Density Requirements

Required Proposed
Lot Area n/a 62,509 s.f.
Lot Frontage 50’ 611.08’
Front Setback 50’ 50.5’
Side Setback 25’ n/a
Rear Setback 25’ 56.01’
Height 55’/4 stories 48’/4 stories
Building Coverage 50% 15.4%

I. Site Plan Approval

The Applicant requests Site Plan Approval under Section 4 of the Zoning Bylaw relative to the construction of a new corporate office building for United Civil, Inc. with associated outdoor contractor storage area, parking, landscaping, and appropriate site lighting. The proposed building consists of 36,285 gross square feet with the following uses:

• Ground Floor: Storage, vehicle maintenance area, small office space for supervisor
• First floor: Lobby and general office space
• Second floor: General office space
• Third Floor: Employee support areas including breakroom, fitness center for employees, staff meeting rooms and lockers

A detailed Site Plan Set has been submitted with this application package which consists of the civil Site Plan prepared by Williams and Sparages; a Landscaping Plan prepared by MDLA Landscape Architects; Building Elevation Plans, and Floor Plans submitted for reference, prepared by Architect Michael Tague.

Given the square footage of the proposed office building of 36,285 s.f., a Community Impact Assessment is required under section 4.9 of the Zoning Bylaw. The Applicant has submitted a compete Community Impact Assessment as part of the application package and prepared by interdisciplinary professions as provided under the Bylaw consisting of:

• Traffic Impact Analysis prepared by Williams & Sparages
• Visual Impact Assessment prepared by MDLA Landscape Architects and Five Mark Properties, Michael Tague architect
• Stormwater Report, and Erosion and Sedimentary Control Plan prepared by Williams & Sparages, Civil Engineers

Parking and Loading:

The required parking space calculation for the proposed office, storage and vehicle maintenance uses is provided on sheet 1 of the Site Plan set. A total of 67 parking spaces are required under the Zoning Bylaw for the proposed uses of the building; 84 parking spaces are proposed. All parking spaces and drive aisles comply with the parking design requirements under Section 4.10.1; compliant loading areas are provided to meet the needs of the building.

In actual operation, the office staff of approximately 27 personnel will include accounting, estimating, construction management, business development, and executive positions. In addition, approximately 30 field staff will occupy office space; approximately 25% of the field staff will be onsite at any given time. A daily estimate of 2-3 individuals has been considered and anticipated for visitors , which will meet and exceed the anticipated visitor parking requirements; visitors to the corporate offices are not common.

Landscaping and Screening:

An extensive Site Landscaping Plan has been prepared by MDLA Landscape Architects providing appropriate landscaping for the proposed use that will beautify this corner property, as well as meet the landscaping requirements under Section 4.10.2 of the Zoning Bylaw. The landscape architect has designed an attractive palette of plantings consisting of 33 trees, 376 ground covers and 584 perennials and ornamental grasses. The landscaping will provide color, as well as screening where appropriate. The foundation plantings will not only soften but also compliment the building design. The Applicant takes great pride in the building and site design, and its team has worked very diligently to create a site that will reflect the professional image of United Civil and beautify this visible site, while still meeting the functional requirements of the use. The site design complies with Section 4.10.2.c.1 by providing landscaping equivalent to 32.3 % of the impervious coverage, exceeding the 30% landscaping requirement. As the Landscaping Plan demonstrates, all landscaping design requirements under Section 4.10.2.c are met.

An attractive 6’ high cedar stockade fence is proposed along the westerly lot line to screen the abutting residential use. A traditional split rail fence is proposed along the southerly lot line adjacent to the agricultural fields. Considerable thought was given by the Applicant and his consultants to provide fencing that provides screening where appropriate, and site visual accents where screening is not required, i.e. adjacent to the fields. A 6’ high composite screen fence is proposed to enclose the contractor storage yard area discussed below. Full detail specifications of each fence type are provided on Sheet L-3 of the Site Plan set.


A Site lighting photometric plan is provided demonstrating that there shall be no light overflow onto abutting properties; lighting fixture specifications are provided demonstrating compliance with the pole height and wattage requirements of Section 4.10.3, with 20’ high pole fixtures, and 12’ and 20’ maximum height wall pack lighting. All lighting fixtures have wattage under 400 watts.


Utility connections for all utilities servicing the site have been detailed on Sheet 5 of the Site Plan Set and the Site Plan Detail Sheets.


The Applicant and his design team believe that this project has been designed in full compliance with the requirements of the Danvers Zoning Bylaw, with no waivers being required.

II. Contractor’s Storage Yard Special Permit

While the principal use of the site will be United Civil’s corporate offices, an outdoor storage area is required to support the Applicant’s office use providing storage of bulky construction materials such as pipes, trench boxes and the like. The Applicant requests a Special Permit to allow a small portion of the site to be used as a Contractor’s Yard as the same is defined under the Zoning Bylaw. It should be noted that most construction materials are shipped directly to the development sites and will not be stored at the corporate office location. There will be no outdoor storage of machinery or asphalt, gravel or other similar heavy construction materials, as might typically be associated with a “contractor’s storage yard”. Upon meeting with the Danvers Building Inspector and review of the proposed plan, Mr. Maloney advised that the outdoor storage area proposed, while a small area and limited in scope and accessory to the principal office use, falls under the a Contractor’s Storage Yard classification of the Zoning Bylaw, and a Special Permit for the use is required. Therefore, the Applicant requests a Special Permit to allow a gated and fenced area of approximately 11,000s.f. of area at the rear of the proposed office building to be used for outdoor storage of bulky construction materials such as pipes and trench boxes. The contractor’s storage yard, as shown on the Site Plan, located at the rear of the proposed building is fully screened with a 6’ high composite screen fence with wide horizontal slats. Together with the retaining wall the composite fencing will be further supplemented by 6 Maple trees which will effectively buffer and screen the storage area from view as well as provide an attractive colorful streetscape. There shall be no outdoor storage on-site other than within the enclosed storage yard area. Access to the storage area is controlled and secured by two sliding chain link gates as shown on the Site Plan.

No outdoor water usage is associated with the proposed contractor’s yard. The majority of supplies are shipped directly to the contractor’s job site; storage on-site will be minimal. Vehicle maintenance is conducted inside the ground floor of the building. There will be no outdoor audio used on the site.

The Applicant submits that the conditions for a Special Permit under Section 30.3 of the Zoning Bylaw have been met relative to the requested Contractor’s Yard Special Permit, specifically:

1. The municipal water and sewer systems will not become overloaded by the proposed contractor’s yard; no water or sewer usage will be required for the contractor’s yard.

2. The public streets shall not become overloaded by the proposed use. The storage area is accessory to the primary use of the property for corporate office purposes, permitted in the Industrial I District, and required parking and appropriate access are provided. The location of the site immediately adjacent to Route 1 and proximate to Route 62, provides convenient access to the site from commercial roadways without traversing through non-commercial or residential neighborhoods.

3. The value of other land and buildings will not be depreciated by the proposed use and the site is an appropriate location for the use and will not adversely affect the neighborhood. This is an industrially zoned parcel; the small contractor’s yard is fully enclosed with attractive and effective fence and landscaped screening, and is an accessory use to the permitted office use

4. There will not be an undue nuisance or serious hazard to vehicles or pedestrians, and adequate and appropriate facilities will be provided to ensure the proper operation of the use, structure and conditions, all as shown on the Site Plan. The contractor storage area is fully gated; access into the storage area will not be available to the public. The Applicant’s business does not require access to the site by the general public other than by office appointment which is more rare than common for this business.

5. This proposal provides a viable and appropriate use of this existing parcel, and is in harmony with the general purposes of the Zoning Bylaw by encouraging appropriate use of an industrial parcel that has been underutilized. The project will result in the elimination of a non-conforming structure and construction of a new fully conforming structure, thereby bringing the site more into compliance with the Zoning Bylaw. The storage area is accessory to the use of the property as a corporate headquarters office building for United Civil, Inc. Maintaining a professional, neat, attractive site appearance is very important to the Applicant as it reflects the professional image of United Civil, Inc. Great effort has been undertaken in all aspects of the design of this professional office site. The full enclosure of the yard area, with composite screen fencing, and landscape plantings featuring maple trees, create an attractive streetscape that will provide a continuous attractive appearance.

In closing, United Civil, Inc. was founded to service quality clients throughout New England and the Northeast. The Applicant’s employees are an experienced team of proven leaders and skilled workers who are dedicated to delivering exceptional client service and performing to the highest standard in the market. United Civil, Inc. and its President Tom O’Connell look forward to bringing the corporate offices to Danvers.

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