Waterways Permit Fees

Type of FeeDanvers Resident Non-Danvers Resident Commercial Vessels
Mooring Fee*$5 per foot$5 per foot$5 per foot
Slip/Rack Fee$1 per foot$2 per foot$1 per foot
Tender Fee$85 per season$85 per seasonN/A
Crane River Marina 18'-25'*$76 per foot$81 per foot$76 per foot
Crane River Marina 14'-17'*$56 per foot$61 per foot$56 per foot
Type of FeeMA Reg. Vessel Non-MA Reg. VeselCommercial Hauler
Ramp (daily)$5 per launch$10 per launch $10 per launch 
Ramp (season)$75 season$100 season$250 season

* Mooring owners and boaters berthed at the Town Marina are additionally assessed the slip fee.

A senior discount of 10% for persons >60 years of age. Applicable to dockage fees only, not the waterways fees.

A 15% late fee is assessed to boat owners renewing their permits after the due date.

Description of Fees

MOORING A “moored vessel” is any vessel secured with approved bottom anchors and tackle.  A mooring permit starts with a Waiting List Application to moor a vessel in Danvers Harbor. 

SLIP/RACK PERMIT Otherwise known as a “Waterways Permit”. This permit is required for all vessels (13 ft. or greater LOA) berthed at private marinas or residential docks in Danvers.

TENDER PERMIT Only vessels (12 ft. or less LOA) berthed at either the Town Marina or Pope’s Landing require this permit. Tender space is primarily reserved for securing moored vessel tenders. 

CRANE RIVER MARINA A Crane River Marina dockage permit is required for all vessel berthed at the town's municipal marina. A Waiting List Application is required for dockage at the Crane River Marina. There are two locations for dockage at the Crane River Marina.  A small section of dock space is provided for vessel's 14'-17' in length (LOA).  Traditional slips are available for vessels 18'-25'.  The maximum allowable length of vessels at the Crane River Marina is 25' in length (LOA) although exceptions may be made in certain situations. 

RAMP PERMIT (SEASONAL) A ramp permit is for seasonal boat ramp usage at Pope’s Landing. It waives all daily boat launch fees upon payment of the annual fee. The Ramp Permit is beneficial to boat owners who launch on a daily, or weekly basis as well as commercial boat haulers. 

Waterways Permit Payments

Online payments, pay online now. You will be redirected to our secure online payment provider.

In-person payments can be made at the Harbormaster’s Office 8 Harbor St.  Hours may vary, please call ahead (978) 762-0210.