Employee Benefit Information

The Town's Human Resources Department is available to answer any questions pertaining to benefits. Any employee seeking to submit a benefit enrollment or change form must do so through the Town's Human Resources Department.  

The Town of Danvers offers the following benefits to Active Employees (Town & School) who work 20 hours or more per week. 

Town and School retirees are also eligible benefits eligible.

Health Insurance - Blue Cross Blue Shield

Please see the following links for more information on the Health Plans offered to the eligible active employees and retirees:

The Fiscal Year 2023 Plan Comparison Chart (PDF) helps break down all four plans and includes employee contribution rate information.

Danvers E-Kit: This is an online portal that is designed specifically for the Danvers Health Insurance Plans and allows employees to review important plan details including benefits summaries and coverage, plan education, tools to find doctors and pharmacies and additional helpful resources.

For all the details about the plans, and usage please create an account by clicking on the following link: 


The Town of Danvers also offers the following Benefits program:

Town of Danvers Opt-Out Program

This Program is available to all full-time employees eligible to participate in the Town of Danvers healthcare plans or current retirees who are not yet Medicare Eligible. The purpose of this program is to offer a one time incentive to employees who may be eligible to obtain alternative healthcare from another source.

Life Insurance

The Town offers Basic and Optional Group Life Insurance in the amount of $10,000 through Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company to all active, benefit-eligible employees at a cost of $5.80 a month. Additional Optional Life Insurance is also available for purchase and sold in $1,000 increments up to $1,000 less than the employee's annual salary, with a maximum of $74,000. Premiums are based upon the employee's age, with Basic Life as a pre-requisite. For more information, Please email Human Resources.


Please see the following link for more information on the products offered by AFLAC.

Mission Square 457

This is a 457 Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan for active, full-time, employees. This is a pre-tax deduction taken each pay period in the amount elected by the employee. There is no open enrollment period for this plan. The employee may sign up at any time during his/her employment with the Town. For more information please email Human Resources.

Credit Union

A credit union is a not-for-profit, democratically controlled, cooperative financial institution owned by its members. This structure places primary emphasis on service to all its members. Credit unions are strong, consumer-friendly organizations that strive to give a good value to members through the many economical products and services they offer. The focus is on saving members money on their everyday financial needs. As an employee of the Town of Danvers you are eligible to join the Danvers Municipal Credit Union.

For additional information please contact:

Jennifer Twomey, Benefits Coordinator at 978-777-0001, ext. 3032, or email Human Resources.