The Adopt-an-Island Program was instituted by the Town of Danvers to beautify the roads in and leading into Danvers. The program consists of forty-seven islands throughout Danvers. The program provides a great opportunity for advertising and a way to give back to the community. The islands are sponsored by area businesses, individuals and organizations that "adopt" islands and plant them with flowers and greenery to enhance the beauty of the community.

The program is free to anyone who would like to become a sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for all planting materials, watering and maintaining the appearance of the island. The sponsor is provided a sign by the Town with the sponsor's name displayed. This program has been successful for a number of years and continues to brighten the streets of Danvers. Sponsorship runs from Memorial Day to October.

If interested in participating, please review the Adopt-an-Island rules and submit an application.

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