Records Division

Please note that Records Division clerks are not able to set aside records for after the posted hours. All requests must be made and/or picked up during regular business hours.


The Records Division of the Danvers Police Department is responsible for maintaining the security and destruction of all records for the Department. The Division will also assist individuals with requests for obtaining public records; such typical records include police reports, accidents reports, daily logs, etc.

Please note that not all records maintained by the Danvers Police are public records. Additionally, there may be fees to obtain records. The Records Division follows guidelines set forth by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For further information on Massachusetts Public Records Law please visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts site.

Daily Log

The daily log, or CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch), is a record of all calls and police responses generated through the Danvers Police Department's Dispatch Unit. Please note that not all calls will generate an Incident Report. The Danvers Police Daily Log is available to view at the front desk, 24 hours a day, at the Danvers Police Station. If you wish to obtain a copy of a call log, please visit the Records Division during business hours. The correct date, location, and/or time of the call must be provided to process a search of the CAD records. Some calls are omitted by law.

Public Records Request

The Danvers Police Records Division provides reports under the Massachusetts Public Records Act. Some or all materials requested may be subject to redaction or denial of records in whole. All requests are subject to review by the Commander of the Administrative Division. Reports may not be readily available upon request; under the current law, the Records Division has 10 business days from the date of request to respond. In most cases the request is filled within a few days. If a request is extensive, the requester will be provided with an estimated timeline that it will take to fill such a request, as well as any associated fees.

Under the Public Records Law there is no specific form that must be used to make a request; please provide a reasonable description of what is being requested, specifying exactly what materials are wished to be obtained. So that this Department may make arrangements for completed requests to be disseminated, as well as payment of any associated fees, the requester should provide contact information. Please remember to include contact information for requests filed online. Requests may be submitted either during the business hours of the Records Division, by mail, or online by contacting the Records Access Officer.

Please direct records requests to:
Lynne Horn
120 Ash Street
Danvers, MA 01923
978-774-1212, ext. 118
Email Records Division

There are fees assessed for public records. For extensive requests, the requester will be provided with a fee estimate and may be charged an hourly rate of the lowest paid employee who can complete the task, as well as fees for materials. If no payment or contact with the Department is made within 30 days of the fee estimate, the request will be considered closed.

Accident Reports

Not all traffic accidents will generate an Incident Report; generally, Danvers Police Officers on the scene are there to assist the motorists with the exchanging of information. If you were in an accident, a blank Crash Data Form, as well as instructions, can be found on the RMV website.

Completed copies of Crash Data Forms for accidents that occurred in the Town of Danvers, or requests for copies of accident reports can be mailed to:

Records Division
Danvers Police Department
120 Ash Street
Danvers, MA 01923