Composting is an important tool that is used to limit the amount of food waste entering the waste stream. In Massachusetts, an estimated 22% of the waste stream is made up of food scraps. By using food waste from your kitchen and clippings/leaves from your yard, you can contribute to composting! 

Composting is a controlled, aerobic (oxygen-required) process that converts organic materials into a nutrient-rich soil amendment or mulch through natural decomposition. The end product is compost – a dark, crumbly, earthy-smelling material. Microorganisms feed on the materials added to the compost pile during the composting process. They use carbon and nitrogen to grow and reproduce, water to digest materials, and oxygen to breathe (Source EPA). 


Home Composting

Composting can be done right in your backyard. The Town encourages composting and sells Earth Machine compost bins at reduced cost ($25). They can be purchased with check at the DPW, 95 Hobart Street. Please call 978-762-0231 for availability.

Learn more about the Do's and Dont's of composting at home with the EPA's guide to Composting at Home. More information can also be found on MassDEP's Home Composting page. 

Please see the following video for Earth Machine compost bin assembly information and instructions for use.

Turn garbage into gold - composting at home

View the Composting Presentation Slideshow (PDF). Please see the following video for instructions for how to compost and turn spoils into soil.