Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program

The Town of Danvers was recently a grant from the Commonwealth's Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program (MVP) to identify priority action items that will improve our community's resilience to climate change. 

The Town of Danvers held the MVP Workshop on December 5, 2019 and followed the Community Resilience Building guidance developed by the Nature Conservancy, which has been successfully used in over 100 communities. The workshop's objectives were to:

  • Identify natural hazards that present the greatest threat to the community.
  • Evaluate strengths and vulnerabilities of residents, infrastructure, and natural resources.
  • Develop and prioritize actions that reduce the impact of hazards and increase resilience.

By participating in this program, Danvers has been designated as an MVP Community and is now eligible for future grants that promote resilience. 

The final report is available in three PDFs below. 

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