Motor Vehicle Excise Tax

Can't renew at the RMV?  You can pay those bills using our Deputy Collector's website PKS Associates.

Under MGL Ch. 60A, all Massachusetts residents who own and register a motor vehicle must pay an excise tax annually. Cities and towns prepare excise tax bills based on data provided by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The excise tax is levied by the city or town where the vehicle is principally garaged, and the revenues are general purpose and become part of the local community treasury.

Excise tax issued by the Town can be paid in person, by mail, or online. Once the bill has become past due, a second notice is mailed out to the taxpayer for collection. If this second notice is not paid, the outstanding tax is transferred to our Deputy Collector, PKS Associates, for subsequent collection attempts. Failure to respond to their notices will result in a non-renewal status at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.