War of the Rebellion Memorial

Town Hall Veterans MemorialsLocation: Town Hall, 1 Sylvan Street Danvers, Massachusetts

Read an excerpt from Danvers Archivist Richard B. Trask's, "Memorial Day in Danvers", from the Danvers Archival Center at the Peabody Institute Library:

On November 30, 1870, the Veterans War of the Rebellion Monument was dedicated to the memory of the over 90 soldiers and sailors who died in service. Talk of a monument began in 1868 with a committee created to solicit funds and find a suitable location. Designed by Underwood & Brook of Boston, the monument was created using Hallowell granite by contractor Peter Blessington. It was decided to place the memorial in front of the Danvers Town House (Town Hall). Jutting 3 feet into the sky, and with a 7¾ foot square base, the memorial included representations of cannon barrels vertically set at each corner. The cost for construction was $6,298.20, of which $3,000 was raised by subscription, while State Representative Edwin Mudge contributed his two years of salary to the memorial. The inscription on the front of the memorial reads:

War of The Rebellion Memorial InscriptionInscription: Erected by the citizens of Danvers in memory of those who died in defense of their country during the war of the rebellion 1861-65.

The names of the Danvers men who died in service appear on the other three sides of the memorial.