Sump Pump


The Town of Danvers prohibits sump pumps from being connected to the Town’s Sewer System (see Sewer Use Regulations, Art. IV. Section 1 and State Regulations 314 CMR 12.04). There is no “grandfathering” for any sump pumps that are connected. Improper and Proper Installation of the Sump Pump

A violation of this ordinance is punishable by a fine of $300 per day. 

The Town of Danvers is a member of the South Essex Sewerage District. All sewerage flow is conveyed to the treatment plant in Salem through the Doty Avenue Pump Station where the flow is measured. The higher the flow, the higher the cost. Also, the sewer system is designed for sewer flow only, additional flow will create sewer overflows and other problems throughout the system. The Town of Danvers needs your help to eliminate this clean water flow from being discharged into the Town’s sewer system to prevent sewer overflows into your home and others around you and to reduce costs for everyone. If you have questions or concerns about your sump pump draining into the Town’s sewer system, please contact Renee Hunter, 978-777-2668 x 3643. 

What is the reason for Regulation? Sewer is the discharge from toilets, sinks, showers, bathtubs, dishwashers and washing machines. People produce sewage and it must be treated at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Salem. Groundwater or stormwater is water from rain or snow. When soil becomes saturated, ground water seeps into basements. Sump pumps are commonly used to remove this water. Sump pumps must not be connected to the Town’s Sewer System. Sump pump water must be discharged onto your lawn, garden area, or into the storm drain but NEVER into the Town’s Sewer System. 

Why? When sump pumps discharge into the sewer system flooding is often a result. The Town’s sewer system is not designed to handle extra volume. This extra volume overloads the design capacity of the system which causes sewer lines to overflow into homes and businesses. Also, wastewater needs to be treated, groundwater from sump pumps does not. When the volume of the sewer is increased by the addition of groundwater from sump pumps, the Town’s treatment costs increases significantly, which then mandates sewer rate increases to you the residents and business owners in Danvers. 

What should you do if your sump pump is connected to the Wastewater/Sewer System? Reroute the pipe so that is charges onto your lawn, garden or into a nearby storm drain. If you have questions or need advice on how to bring your sump pump into compliance, you can contact Renee Hunter at 978-777-2668 x3643. However, the Town of Danvers will not disconnect your sump pump. You as the property owner are responsible for either hiring a professional to help you or by doing it yourself. 

If I ask for help will I be subject to the fine? No, if you take immediate steps to disconnect your sump pump from the sewer system. All homes are inspected prior to selling, whether you have a sump pump or not, to determine sump pump status; however, several homes’ sump pumps have been found to be connected to the Sewer System. The Town of Danvers is being proactive to reduce the numbers of connections quicker, to reduce sewer overflows and costs. 

Are we the only Municipality having this kind of problem? No, all communities deal with this issue in their own way