Weights & Measures

The Sealer of Weights and Measures is responsible for enforcing the accuracy requirements and other standards relating to weighing and measuring devices used in the sale of food, fuels and other products.

Some of the duties of this position include but are not limited to the following:

  • Inspects all commercial weighing and measuring devices designated as "legal for trade" to ensure that they are maintained within acceptable tolerances as defined by State and Federal law.
  • Performs the adjusting, sealing, testing, and condemning of any weighing or measuring devices involved with public sales, such as commercial scales and meters, liquid and dry capacity measures, and linear, area, fabric, and cordage measure devices.
  • Issues fines and warnings under MGL Ch.98, Section 29A. Collect and account for sealing fees.
  • Documents and investigates complaints of short weights, measures, and counts, and prepare evidence of such for court action. Seize unsealed weighing or measuring devices and those not conforming to legal requirements.
  • Responsible for devices like gasoline meters and scales of all sizes and applications, inspecting scanning systems in retail stores, price marking in food stores and food departments, and checking net weights.