2023 Flushing Map

The Water Division conducts an annual water distribution main flushing program which is done every spring. Flushing is critical to the overall maintenance of the water distribution system for the following reasons: removal of the build-up of naturally occurring debris, sediment, and biofilm improving water quality; improving the carrying capacity of pipes; helping to maintain adequate chlorine residuals; improving the age of water and ensuring proper operation of fire hydrants. 

During flushing in your area, you may experience water discoloration or sediment. If possible limit the use of water during this period. Once the flushing in your area has been completed, if your water is not clear please run your cold water from a tub spigot or sink faucet located at the highest point in your home for 15 minutes or until the water clears up. If your water does not clear up, wait 30 minutes and try again. Please be advised that if you run water from a fixture that is serviced by an in home water filter, the filter may clog and require cleaning/replacement.

If you inadvertently draw discolored water into your home, staining of clothes in a washing machine or staining of plumbing fixtures may occur. The town will provide free rust removal products upon request.

Please contact the Water Division at 978-762-0235 with any questions or concerns. For real-time updates see our flushing app located on this page and see when we’ll be in your neighborhood!