Flag Status

American Flag in Danvers Square

The American Flag is proudly displayed on the flagpole in Danvers Square. The pole stands 80 feet tall and displays a 15’ x 25’ American Flag. After sunset, the flag is illuminated by lighting on the top of the Fossa Block. While the flag is suitable for all-weather conditions, the flag is taken down when high winds are expected.

The flag is lowered to half-staff on certain scheduled days, upon a state or federal order, to honor local military veterans, honored community members, or a local hero.

       Scheduled Days When the American Flag is Half-Staff

  • Peace Officers Memorial Day, May 15th (sunrise until sunset)
  • Memorial Day, last Monday in May (sunrise until NOON)
  • Patriot Day, September 11 (sunrise until sunset)
  • Korean War Veterans Armistice Day, July 27th (sunrise until sunset)
  • National Firefighters Memorial Day, first Sunday in October (sunrise until sunset)
  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, first Sunday in October (sunrise until sunset