Multilingual Services

In order to provide better, more equitable services to our constituents, we are excited to announce we are working with Lexikeet Language Services to provide document translation, and on-demand phone/video interpretation services.

How does it work?
Document Translation: Town Hall offices are working to identify and prioritize documents that need to be translated into Spanish and Portuguese so they are available upon request. This will be an ongoing process.

On-Demand Phone/Video Interpretation Services: Community members are able to contact the department they need services from in advance to set up an appointment with their preference of phone or video to communicate their needs in their preferred language. Community members are also welcome to request these services in real time, and a designated Town employee from that department can facilitate a 2 way or even 3 way call, video or phone, within minutes. Lexikeet supports over 100 languages through their interpretation services.

In September 2023, the Department of Equity and Inclusion launched its first survey regarding Language Access across our organization to assess language needs in our workplace, both for visitors and employees. The results of the Language Access Survey indicated a need for translation/interpretation for a variety of Town services, primarily in Spanish and Portuguese. The report on this survey is available upon request from the Director of Equity and Inclusion; email

Language Access
Language Access is the focus on overcoming the communication barrier with people who may not speak, understand, read, or write English fluently. This pursuit of Language Access is to ensure we are providing quality services for everyone in our community, regardless of English proficiency, in their preferred language.

Additional resources for Language Access can be found here.