How will I be notified?

When a parking ban is instituted, the Town of Danvers notifies residents and businesses by phone, email and/or cell phone text message based on your preferences specified in our community notification system, Blackboard Connect. During "normal" operations, a Town-wide call will be made the evening prior by 7 pm, with notification of the implemented overnight parking ban. For "major" winter storms, a Town-wide call will be made no later than six hours ahead of the effective time, when possible.

Land lines of all residents and businesses are automatically included in our community notification system. If you would like to change your preferences please visit the Town of Danvers MyConnect Portal. You have the option to receive information from us via phone call, email and/or cell phone text message.

Message boards displaying the parking ban notification will be placed on main roads in town. In addition, local news websites and DCAT are notified. Information is also posted to the Town of Danvers home page and social media outlets. Like our Danvers Department of Public Works Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter for updates.

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2. How will I be notified?
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