How do I find program information?

There are numerous ways to receive Recreation program information:.

  • Instagram
    Follow us @danversrec on Instagram for up-to-date programming and event information as well as updates, pictures, videos and links.

  • Facebook
    Follow us @Danvers Recreation on Facebook to access up-to-date information. Our Facebook posts provide information regarding current programs, pictures, videos, links and updates on our programs and events!

  • Twitter
    Follow @DanversRec onTwitter for up-to-date notifications and information regarding all things recreation.

  • Website
    The Town of Danvers Recreation website is a great resource for information on all things recreation related. New programs,information and seasonal offerings are posted frequently on the Recreation Department Page.

  • Constant Contact
    Constant Contact enables Danvers Recreation to email information to specific groups of customers based on their particular interests and needs. Occassionaly we will send surveys via Constant Contact regarding our services and programs. These surveys enable us to receive important feedback which we can use to improve our programs. Email communication is crucial to our overall functioning as it allows us to stay in contact with our customers and ensures that our customers remain up-to-date about all of the great programs and services that Danvers Recreation has to offer.

  • Recreation Office in Town Hall
    Please visit us during business hours in Town Hall, 1 Sylvan Street, Danvers, MA. (M-W 8am- 4PM, Th. 8am-7pm, F. 8am-noon).

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