Will enrollment at the Smith School increase?

As part of the MSBA funding assistance approval process, a projected student enrollment analysis was performed for all K through 5 students in the District. Please note the following from the MSBA's October 13, 2016 Enrollment Certification Letter:

  • The average grade K-5 base enrollment forecast for the projected period through the 2025 to 2026 school year is 1,905 students.
  • The capacity analyses concluded that the total capacity of the other four Elementary Schools within the District is 1,440 students
  • As a result, the MSBA has recommended a design enrollment of 465 students for the proposed Ivan G. Smith School Project. (Grades K through 5)

The enrollment growth will be gradual over the course of 10 years at approximately 30 students per year. When the new Smith School opens, the building will not be filled to capacity and the population will continue to expand through the first 6 years the school is open.

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4. Will enrollment at the Smith School increase?
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