What site was selected for the new Smith School, and why?

The existing Smith School property was selected as the site for the new Smith School.

The Town of Danvers' Engineering Division utilized GIS to research similarly sized parcels for consideration and determined that there are 12 similarly sized parcels within the Smith School District. Five of the 12 parcels are owned and actively operated by the Town of Danvers. Of the remaining seven parcels, three are owned by St. John's Preparatory School, one is unbuildable, one is owned by the Salem and Beverly Water Supply Board, and two are privately owned. Of the two privately owned parcels, one is an active farm and retail farm stand, and the other is occupied by a three family home situated on a lot with significant area of wetlands and a pond.

The selection of the current site was approved by the design team, local officials, School Department, School Building Committee, and the MSBA. The orientation and placement of the new school design improves site utilization and vehicle circulation on the existing site, and provides more parking than any other school in Town. Parents will no longer have to queue in abutting neighborhoods to pick their students up at the end of the day.

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