How much will the project cost?

The estimated total project cost is currently approximately $52 million dollars. The Town has been building its School Stabilization Fund over the past four years (currently at about $5.5 million dollars) and will seek to continue funding up until the long-term debt is issued. The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) has committed to funding 55.455% of all eligible project costs. The schematic design construction budget and cost estimates are available here and a summary is shown below:

Schematic Design Budget Summary (Estimated)

Each School District in Massachusetts that is selected by the MSBA for funding assistance is assigned a different MSBA reimbursement rate based on socio-economic factors. Please refer to the MSBA website for more information.

The base reimbursement rate for Danvers is 50.58%. The following incentive points are then added to the base rate: CM at Risk project delivery method (+1 point), Maintenance (+1.875 points), and Energy Efficiency (+2 points).

CategoryReimbursement Points
Reimbursement Rate before Incentives (provided by the MSBA)50.58%
Maintenance (provided by the MSBA)1.875%
CM at Risk1.0%
Energy Efficiency – “Green Schools”2.0%
Total Incentive Points4.875%
Anticipated MSBA Reimbursement Rate with Incentives55.455%

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