What educational tools are available in the Center?
  • Mural with local species, and interactive habitat flip book
  • Pelts from many local mammals
  • Handcrafted tree ID display
  • Reading corner with books about science, plants, and animals
  • Custom made ground form with birch trees, taxidermy turkey
  • 150-gallon aquarium with fish species from Goodno Pond
  • 55-gallon forest floor terrarium, home to an American Toad
  • Small arboreal terrarium home to a Gray Tree Frog
  • 20-gallon forest floor terrarium home to an Eastern Milk Snake
  • Drawers full of skulls (everything from birds to turtles and mammals)
  • Live bee exhibit with educational displays
  • Interpretive displays that focus on different topics of nature that occur in the current season
  • Smart TV that allows us to access the internet to show educational videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

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2. What educational tools are available in the Center?