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Equity and Inclusion

  1. Committee Engagement Form

    A running list of community members interested in engaging with the Human Rights and Inclusion and/or the Danvers Accessibility... More…

  2. Town of Danvers Event Feedback Form

    This form is to provide assessment of events hosted by or collaborated with the Town of Danvers.

  1. Danvers Bias Incident Report Form

    This form is to report incidents of bias or discrimination within the Town of Danvers. Please complete the following form if you feel... More…

Fire Department

  1. General Fire Department Questions

    Submit a question to the fire department to be reviewed and sent to the appropriate member of the department.

  2. Request a Fire Detail
  1. General Fire Prevention Question

    Submit general questions to the fire prevention team.

Information Technology

  1. IT Contact Form

    Email the IT department with questions

Public Works

  1. 2024 Town Wide Clean Up

    Sign up your group or yourself to participate in this years Town wide Clean up!

  2. Potholes
  3. Trash / Recycling

    Provide any trash/recycling details.

  1. Additional Cart Request Form

    Danvers Residents with town curbside collection may request additional trash and/or recycling carts at the assigned fee. Requests must... More…

  2. Scoop the Poop Pledge

    I pledge to always clean up after my pet, even in my own yard. I pledge to properly dispose of pet waste. I pledge to always carry... More…

  3. Water Use Mitigation Program Rebate Form


  1. Community Garden Wait List Application

    Community Garden Wait List Application

Select Board

  1. Email Daniel C. Bennett

    Email Daniel C. Bennett

  2. Email Gardner S. Trask, III

    Email Gardner S. Trask, III

  3. Email Maureen Bernard

    Email Maureen Bernard

  1. Email David A. Mills

    Email David A. Mills

  2. Email Matthew Duggan

    Email Matthew Duggan

Town Forms

  1. Contact Us (Dropdown)

    Please use this form to contact our town departments.

  2. Talent Pool

    The Talent Pool form is to be completed by residents who are interested in serving on a board, committee or commission.

  1. Feedback

Veterans Services

  1. MGL Ch.115 Financial Assistance Application

    Benefits are granted to qualified veterans based on eligibility conditions established by MA State Regulation 108 CMR. We can help with... More…