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Activities for Kids

Listen to a girl-power playlist

Access the Girl Powers for Kids Playlist for free on Spotify. It features the best dance music for all ages by artists like Taylor Swift, Pat Benatar, Jojo Siwa, and Sheryl Crow.

Snap some selfies

Dig through your closet and pull together some accessories for the perfect feminist-inspired photoshoot! Show your muscles as Rosie the Riveter in an all-denim outfit and red bandana, or rule like Ruth in an old graduation gown and some thick glasses. Be sure to tag @TownOfDanvers on Facebook and Instagram!

Thank the women that inspire you

Make a list of women in your life that inspire you and you look up to, and write them a thank you note. (And while you’re at it, write yourself a little note to remind yourself how awesome you are!)

Learn something new!

In the mood to try something new, but don’t know what? Check out The Daring Book for Girls for 200+ pages of ideas! From essential survival skills (Knots & Stitches and Building a Campfire), to fun science experiments (Making a Lemon-Powered Clock) to little hidden talents (Palm Reading and How to Whistle With Two Fingers), this book has it all!

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