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Animal Care & Control


The Animal Control Officer is the local animal care and control professional for the Town of Danvers. This officer helps the public deal with problems caused by animals and works with other local agencies, such as social services and law enforcement, to protect animals. The Animal Control Officer is available to respond to situations involving wild and domestic animals. Duties include enforcement of state and local laws regarding animals, including enforcement of the leash law.

Some of the animal care and control services provided to the Town of Danvers include:

  • Investigate complaints regarding animals and animal cruelty
  • Placement of unclaimed dogs
  • Disposal of sick wildlife
  • Removal of dead animals on public ways
  • Removal of healthy, nuisance wildlife
  • Issuance of fines for owners of unlicensed dogs and/or unleashed animals
  • Provision of emergency services for injured animals


Here are a few ways you can help your local Animal Control program:

  • Keep a collar and identification tags on your pet at all times
  • Ensure that your pet is always properly supervised or safely confined when you're not home
  • Keep your pets current on all necessary vaccinations, especially the vaccination for rabies


Danvers Dog Leash Law

There is a Leash Law is in effect in the Town of Danvers. No person owning, harboring, or having custody and control of a dog shall permit such dog to be at large in the Town of Danvers at any time, elsewhere than a) on the premises of another person, if the dog is under the supervision of its owner or a person harboring or having custody and control of the dog. Elsewhere, any dog shall be controlled and restrained by a proper leash defined as: "a leash designed and marketed for the specific purpose of dog restraint. “Dogs found off their property will be picked up.


Wild Animals

The general public is warned against handling wild animals. If you are bitten, contact your physician and the Animal Control Officer.

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