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Registered Sanitarian and Variance Requirements

Food Establishment Design & Approval Requirements: Requirement of a Registered Sanitarian for the design of Food Establishments

Approval of Plans

When a plan is required as designated in the 1999 FDA Food Code, Section 8-201.11, sub-sections A through C, said plan shall be stamped and signed by a Registered Sanitarian and submitted to the Board for approval. The aforementioned stamp and signature shall attest to the proper and sanitary design of the proposed food establishment and compliance with section 8-201.12, sub-sections A through F of the 1999 FDA Food Code.


Failure to submit plans that have been stamped and signed by a Sanitarian shall result in denial of approval of said plans.


1. The Board of Health may vary the application of any provision of any of these regulations with respect to any particular case when the Board of Health finds the enforcement thereof would  do manifest injustice.

2. Every request for a variance shall be made in writing to the Board of Health and shall state the specific variance sought and the reasons thereof.

3. Any variance granted must be in writing with a copy available to the public at all reasonable hours in the office of the Town Clerk and in the office of the Board of Health. Any variance granted  must be posted on the premises in a prominent location for the duration that the variance is in effect.


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