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BOH Advisory Regarding Face Coverings & Cloth Masks when Entering an Essential Business | April 17, 2020

Posted on November 4, 2020

April 17, 2020 | 2:30 PM

After much thought and with input and feedback from residents and essential businesses alike, the Danvers Board of Health has determined that any person entering an essential business in Town, such as a grocery store, pharmacy or entering a restaurant for pick-up, must be using a cloth face covering. Additionally, employees of essential businesses must wear a face covering when interacting with the public and within six feet of a co-worker. This decision reflects the Town’s support for Governor Baker’s April 10th advisory regarding face coverings and cloth masks.  The order can be viewed here and takes effect on Monday, April 20, 2020.

To be clear, there is no requirement that all persons wear a face covering at all times while away from home.  This is only in effect when entering an essential business where safe social distancing is not possible. A simple painters mask, bandana, or other cloth garment can do the trick.

The purpose of this is to help prevent the spread of coronavirus by persons appearing to be healthy but who are carrying and possibly spreading the virus. A cloth face covering is not 100% effective in preventing the transmission of this disease. It remains imperative, regardless of your wearing a face covering, that you continue to stay home, and only leave when it is vital, such as for food, medications, or exercise outdoors.

We also ask that you be kind and patient to one another, as some may take time making or obtaining such a covering. If you know of someone in need of a mask, and you are able to help them, please do so as that generous gift could mean the difference between them obtaining vital medication, or not.

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