Construction Plan Review

All construction/demolition projects in the Town of Danvers shall meet the requirements of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Code 527 CMR 1 Chapter 16.  A Fire Safety Program Manager shall be designated and meet with the Fire Prevention Officer prior to the start of any construction/demolition project.

Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations 527 CMR 1 Chapter 16

Any construction that impacts Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler Systems must be reviewed by the Fire Department before the start of construction.  3 complete sets of submittals shall be submitted to the Fire Department with a completed Construction Review Form previous to the application for the building permit.  Upon the completion of the Fire Departments review, 2 sets of Fire Department stamped submittals shall be released to the applicant and submitted to the Town Building Inspector.  See below for submittal requirements;

New Construction Documentation

All submittal documentation shall meet the requirements of the 8th Edition of the Massachusetts State Building Code (IBC 2009) with Massachusetts Amendments, specifically Section 107 relating to submittal documents.

Renovation Documentation

IEBC Code Review (Required for existing buildings)

In accordance with the Massachusetts Amendments to Chapter 34 of the Massachusetts State Building Code (IBC 2009) Section 3401 states that any alteration or addition shall be controlled by the provisions of the International Existing Building Code 2009 (IEBC 2009). Furthermore Section 101.5.4 of Chapter 34 requires the owner to retain the services of a design professional to perform an investigation and evaluation of the effects of the proposed work. This may include but not be limited to egress, fire protection, design of gravity and lateral loads, fire resistive construction and energy conservation. The evaluation shall be in sufficient detail to ascertain the effects of the proposed work area to the existing construction.

Prior to permits being issued for installation of fire protection systems, 3 sets of (Tier 2) shop drawings, where applicable shall be submitted and shall contain but not be limited to; detailed design layout, equipment specifications, system sequence of operation and analysis to substantiate the design.


Construction Review Form

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