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DANVERS DPW Spring Road Resurfacing

Posted on March 16, 2021

DANVERS DPW Spring Road Resurfacing

Danvers, MA – As the winter is winding down, the Danvers Department of Public Works is already hard at work planning for the Spring 2021 construction season and road paving program.  To no one’s surprise, at the top of the list is the repaving of Hobart Street.  The Town had planned to replace the water lines, gas lines, and gas services; however, due to COVID, the completion was delayed until late fall 2020.    Once the utility work was completed, the trenches required time to settle before the road could be paved.

Work on Hobart Street will begin this spring and include:

  • new paved road service
  • new handicap ramps.
  • Repairs to the sidewalk and curbing.

In addition to Hobart Street, resurfacing work will be completed on West Street, Green Street, and Dyer Court.  All of these streets also had utility work performed last summer.

The DPW will also be making improvements to the website, including updates and information on work and paving program activities.  The website will include a list of the planned projects, a description, and the date they are intended to start.  As the construction season progresses, we will adjust the start dates and add projects that come up.  In addition to the streets to be repaved mentioned above, we are taking a hard look at portions of Pine Street, Reservoir Drive, Pentucket Street, and several others to be included on the Spring/Summer program.

We will post more information as the work gets closer, and we look forward to getting more streets resurfaced and up to the condition we expect.


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