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Danvers Triad Council

Essex County Triad is a collaboration of law enforcement personel, Councils on Aging and other support service providers along with senior citizens in each community. Sheriff Coppinger and District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett brought Triad to Essex County in order to support and empower the senior population.

Programs offered by the Danvers Triad are tailored to meet the needs of Danvers residents.

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Seniors and Law Enforcement Together

With a focus on senior safety, Triad offers programs such as File of Life – a magnetic folder containing a person’s medical information; Grab & Go bag – an emergency preparedness kit; and theYellow Dot – a decal that alerts emergency responders that the driver’s vital medical information is in the glove box.

The FILE OF LIFE is a holder for conveniently storing important information such as prescriptions, medical conditions, and emergency contacts in one place.

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The large version comes with a magnetic strip to place securely on your refrigerator for easy visibility, for Emergency Responders who are trained to look for the prominent red and white FILE OF LIFE logo.  This minimizes response time in an emergency.

A smaller version is available to store the same information in your wallet.

Replacement FILE OF LIFE medical information cards are available through the Danvers Triad.





Triad Yellow Dot

The Yellow Dot Program –  Refers to a sticker  that when fixed the window of a vehicle, alerts emergency responders that your medical information can be found in your glove compartment.

Yellow Dot ID photos and Medical Information Cards for Danvers residents can be acquired by contacting the Danvers Triad at 978-762-0208, x106.

Danvers Lock Box Program*

WHAT is a Lock Box?

Lock Boxes are small key safes installed on the exterior of the home, usually at the top of the front door, of Danvers residents by the Danvers Fire Department. The program allows the Fire Department, the only ones with access to the key for the box, to enter a home if necessary, without resorting to breaking down doors or smashing windows.

WHO benefits from this program?

The Lock Box Program is designed for the safety of isolated, frail, disabled, or otherwise vulnerable individuals, who live alone in Danvers. However, any Danvers resident who would like to purchase a LockBox may do so.** Knowing that emergency personnel can respond quickly can help to ease concerns of long-distance family members.

HOW does it work?

  • Requests/Referrals to have a LockBox installed can be made through Lisa Westrate at the Danvers Senior Center or Fire Captain Jim Brooks at the Danvers Fire Department
  • The applicant must sign a Waiver of Liability and provide an emergency contact number.
  • The applicant should have a spare key ready to be secured in the LockBox at the time of the installation.
  • Jim Brooks, or another representative from the Danvers Fire Department, will come to your home to install the LockBox, he will put the small 3x4x4 lockbox over the top of a door or another agreed upon location. The installation process takes less than 15 minutes.

HOW MUCH does it cost?

The LockBox is FREE for any Danvers resident who is either a Senior Citizen (60+) or Disabled. **

**For Danvers Residents, who do not meet the age or Disability criteria, A lockbox can be purchased at the reduced rate of $85. Payment, in the form of a check, should be made out to the Town of Danvers.

WHERE can I call to learn more?

To request more information, contact:

Captain Jim Brooks Jr., Danvers Fire Department, (978) 762-0245 or Lisa Westrate, DCOA Social Service/Outreach Coordinator, (978) 762-0208, x105

*The Danvers LockBox Program was initiated by Danvers Fire Chief Kevin Farrell in 2011 with funds donated to the Town of Danvers by St. Mary’s School.  Children from the School raised the money by participating in a Walkathon, an annual event to raise funds for a worthy cause.

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Please note, quarterly Triad meetings have been suspended due to the pandemic until further notice.

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