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Danvers Water System Improvements

Posted on January 18, 2022

Danvers, MA – On January 18th, the Town of Danvers announces a one (1) day short term
temporary change in the water distribution system, due to the startup and testing of a new Chlorine
Booster Station, located at the Folly Hill water storage tank. The Town is required to test in
preparation for a final MassDEP inspection of the new Station. The change will take effect on
Wednesday January 19th, 2022, between the hours of 6am-12pm (afternoon).

Startup of the Chlorine Booster Station will temporarily change the distribution and pressure of water
throughout Danvers and Middleton. The water supply will be maintained by the water storage tank
located at the former Danvers State Hospital during the startup. Due to the nature of this type of
distribution system testing, Danvers and Middleton customers may experience some temporary
inconveniences such as the loss of water pressure and slightly discolored water. The Town of Danvers
will make every effort to keep these inconveniences to a minimum but is requesting residents to
immediately contact the Town of Danvers Engineering Division at 978-777-2668 for any noticeable
changes in water quality.

Additional information regarding the project will be posted on the Town of Danvers website
( and the Danvers DPW Facebook and Twitter pages. We have included some
FAQ’s with this release to help aid with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Water System Improvements

Who will be affected by the work?
All water customers located in Danvers and Middleton

What is a water quality change?
Any change in color, taste, odor , smell, etc..

Will the water be safe to drink?
Yes, measures are in place to make sure the water supply is protected and safe to drink.

Is there enough water for both towns?
Yes, the State Hospital Tank stores enough water for more than a full day supply.

Why is this occurring, and will it occur again?
Yes, we are required to perform this test of the components of the system and will retest again with MassDEP prior to turning the entire station online. Danvers will re-notify during the final testing.

How will my pressure be affected?
Danvers and Middleton customers may experience a loss of water pressure. The greatest change may occur closest to the Folly Hill Tank and the Water Treatment Plant will see a drop in normal water pressure.

What if I see discolored water?
Call the Danvers DPW. Run your cold water faucets until it clears.

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