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Demolition & Rodent Control

In accordance with Chapter 111, Section 31, General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the following regulation is promulgated by the Board of Health of the Town of Danvers, for the protection of the public health. No permit shall be issued to demolish or move any building or structure unless a certificate has first been obtained from the Director of Public Health that proper measures have been taken for the eradication or prevention of spread of rodents from the premises.

Richard B. Staples, Chairman
C. Everett Elliott
Anthony S. Patton, M.D.

Effective date: November 24, 1983
Adopted by vote: November 14, 1983
Published in the Danvers Herald, Danvers, MA: November 23, 1983
Filed with the DEP/DWPC: January 2, 1990

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