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Human Resources Department


Jen Breaker
Assistant Town Manager / Interim Director of Human Resources

(978) 777-0001 x. 3003
Human Resources Department
Danvers Town Hall
1 Sylvan Street
Danvers, MA 01923
Monday - Wednesday 8 am -5 pm
Thursday 8 am - 7:30 pm
Friday 8 am - 1:30 pm

What we do:

The Human Resource Office is a shared resource between Town Departments and the Danvers Public Schools. The mission of the Human Resource Office is to serve employees, prospective employees and the citizens of Danvers in a manner that reflects the community's core values and diverse culture. The success of our Directors, Management and Staff are key to the success of our service to the residents of Danvers. We pride ourselves in developing programs to maintain such success.

Human Resources works to promote fairness, honesty and equal opportunities for all our employees We are committed to the development of a safe and healthy work environment that facilitates and promotes a positive work ethic, open communication and professional growth for all employees

Our services include recruitment, compensation, benefits management, staff training/development, worker's compensation, 111F Management, employee relations and human resource information management along with, Federal and State Compliance, Civil Service Administration and Policy review, interpretation and enforcement. We strive to have open communication between all Departments, Staff and School Administration. We welcome the opportunity to assist in the management of all personnel, policy and development.


Contact Us:

  • General inquiries and questions regarding employment: Town -  HR Office, 978-777-0001 x.3030; School - Pam Ames, 978-774-4800 x.2219
  • Benefits & Workers Compensation: Elaine Ardini, 978-777-0001 x.3032
  • Verification of employment: Town Employees -  Lesley Paolucci, 978-777-0001 x.3033; School Employees - Diane Thibault, 978-774-4800 x.2435
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