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Street Division


Chuck Farrell, Supervisor
95 Hobart Street
Danvers, MA 01923
Monday - Friday 7 am - 3 pm

Welcome to the Street Division.

The Streets Division is responsible for a variety of seasonal and day to day work. Division personnel are committed to providing a safe environment for all means of travel and transportation throughout the Town of Danvers.

Road Maintenance

The Streets Division is responsible for maintaining over 120 miles of roadway throughout the Town of Danvers. Additionally, the Division oversees curbing, sidewalks, and handicap structures along roadways.

During the spring/summer and fall months, the Streets Division works on road improvements and repairs.  This consists of resurfacing and the reconstruction of roads and sidewalks. To see up to date information on current roadway improvement projects  you can click here, or visit the "Roadway Improvement Projects" tab.

During the winter months, when the division is unable to continue paving procedures, cold patching will be used for temporary repairs. The division will continue to make roadway repairs and fill potholes as needed throughout the winter months. After the seasonal weather events have ended, division personnel work to repair damage caused to the streets, curbing, and sidewalks from plowing and snow clean up.


The Streets Division is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repairs of the stormwater structures throughout town including storm drains, culverts and catch basins. The division cleans/empties approximately 1,800, and repairs roughly 100 catch basins per year. The division also helps to install the towns stormwater drain markers  at key locations around the Town that remind residents about “only rain down the drain”.  As part of stormwater maintenance, the division conducts annual street sweeping of all town owned streets.

To find out more about stormwater and how you can help to prevent stormwater pollution, please visit our Stormwater Management page.

Snow and Ice

The Streets Division is responsible for snow and ice preparation, removal and clean up. For more info on the Town of Danvers Snow and Ice program click here, or visit the "Snow and Ice" tab.

Street Signs, Road Markings and Safety

The Street Division is responsible for the repairs and install of street signage, roadway signs, roadway paintings, crosswalk painting, and parking lot painting within town owned areas.

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