Level 4 Outdoor Water Use Restrictions - Watering by sprinkler allowed Tuesday & Saturday ONLY from 7PM-10PM. Hand watering allowed.


Water and Sewer Divisions


Aaron Cilluffo, Supervisor
95 Hobart Street
Danvers, MA 01923
Monday - Friday 7 am - 3 pm

Welcome to the Water & Sewer Division.

The Water/Sewer Superintendent oversees the distribution and treatment of water for 9,380 service connections.  The Water Division treats approximately 1.176 billion gallons of water per year, operates a state certified laboratory for water bacterial analysis and provides compliance for the Safe Drinking Water Act, maintains 181.05 miles of distribution main from 2 inch to 24-inch diameter, 1,388 hydrants, and provides dig-safe markings for about 1200 calls per year.

The Sewer Division maintains over 108 miles of gravity sewer and 3.90 miles of force main, approximately 7,416 house connections, and 113 sewer easements.  They also operate and maintain 17 sewer pump stations.

Outdoor Water Use Restriction LevelOutdoor Water Use Restriction Levels

Danvers is currently at:

Level 4 - Drought Conditions

On June 18, the Town of Danvers moved to Level 4 - Drought Conditions of our Outdoor Water Use Restrictions policy due to low flow in the Ipswich River. This means Outdoor Lawn and Garden Watering is allowed 2 days a week on Tuesday and Saturday ONLY  between the hours of 7:00 PM & 10:00 PM.

Watering with hand held hoses with nozzles and watering cans is allowed anytime.  Car washing is also allowed anytime.

The small changes you make have made a big difference! The DEP’s Drinking Water Program recognized the Danvers Water Department for its outstanding performance in 2017. Our system is being recognized in the Water Conservation System category of the 2018 Public Water System Awards Program. The water conservation efforts of our residents are appreciated!

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