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Document Types: Stormwater

Stormwater Bylaws (Approved Oct 2020)

Purpose: This by-law provides the controls to ensure the safeguarding of public health and safety, public and private property, surface water, public drinking water, groundwater resources, recreational areas, aquatic habitats and life and the environment as a whole. This by-law establishes minimum requirements and procedures to control the adverse effects of increased stormwater runoff, non-point … Continued

Pollution Prevention for Industrial Sites

MassDEP Pollution Prevention brochure taylored for Industrial Sites located in the Town of Danvers   Contaminated stormwater is a source of pollutants in many of our ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. Storm drains carry runoff from streets, urban centers, and industrial sites, and open spaces into streams, creeks, and rivers. Industrial operations are only one … Continued

Pollution Prevention for Business

MassDEP Pollution Prevention (P2) for business entities modified for the Town of Danvers publication What is Pollution Prevention? Pollution prevention (P2) is a combination of activities that reduce or eliminate the amount of possible chemical contaminants at the business or prevent these chemicals from entering the environment or waste stream. A successful Pollution Prevention program … Continued

Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination Program

The Environmental Protections Agency (EPA) nationally regulates the discharge of storm water runoff that is transported into local water bodies through Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) that are located in Urbanized Areas (also known as “Regulated Areas”) .  The Town of Danvers meets EPA’s regulatory threshold, and therefore is required to obtain coverage under … Continued

Creating a Healthy Yard

Commercial fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are like fast food – they fill you up and taste good, but hurt your health.  That’s the same with synthetic lawn care products, which rob the soil of vital nutrients and microbes, requiring more and more applications of fertilizers and chemicals to compensate.

Greenscapes Guide

A revised version of the comprehensive Greenscapes Guide.  A new 24 page magazine (PDF) outlining the importance of small-scale stormwater management and sustainable landscaping.  Project ideas, plant suggestions and best practices included.

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