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Abutters Request

Abutter: is a person who owns adjacent land. A person whose property abuts, is contiguous, or joins at a border or boundary, provided no other land, road or street intervenes.

When the List is Necessary:
An Abutters list is needed whenever public hearings require individual notice to interested parties. The notice must be sent by mail to Abutters and owners of land nearby. Each city board, commission, or agency has requirements that differ dependent upon the specific petition. Typically, owners within 300 feet of the petitioner’s property lines must be notified.

The Assessors certify the Abutters list. Therein there is no fee for this service.

What is in the Abutters List
The Abutters list created by the assessors will consist of:

  • A listing of the parcel id’s, owner’s names, locations and mailing addresses of all abutters within the specified distance
  • A PDF sets of Mailing Labels which can be printed on Avery 5160 labels.


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