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Stormwater Bylaws (Approved Oct 2020)

Purpose: This by-law provides the controls to ensure the safeguarding of public
health and safety, public and private property, surface water, public drinking water,
groundwater resources, recreational areas, aquatic habitats and life and the environment as a
whole. This by-law establishes minimum requirements and procedures to control the
adverse effects of increased stormwater runoff, non-point source pollution associated with
development and redevelopment, and erosion and sedimentation associated with
construction. Stormwater can be a major cause of:

A. Impairment of water quality and flow in lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, coastal
waters, wetlands, groundwater and drinking water supplies;
B. Contamination of drinking water supplies;
C. Contamination of downstream coastal areas;
D. Alteration or destruction of aquatic and wildlife habitat;
E. Overloading or clogging of municipal stormwater management systems; and
F. Flooding.

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