Level 4 - Drought Conditions - Outdoor Watering w sprinklers/irrigation systems allowed Tues/Sat ONLY, 7:00PM-10:00PM.  Hand watering & car washing allowed anytime.
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Online Pumpout Request

  • Danvers Harbor pumpout services are brought to you under the federal Clean Vessel Act (CVA). The Clean Vessel Act was passed by Congress in 1992 and established a federal grant program administered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Federal funds constitute 75% of all equipment and operating costs for this service. Remaining costs are funded locally by the Town of Danvers with boat excise tax receipts. All pump out services are provided free of charge to recreational boaters using Danvers Waterways.
  • As of Tuesday, September 4th we will no longer be scheduling pumpouts on a weekly basis. All pumpouts will be done as needed.
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    Must be the vessel's registered owner and waterways permit holder.
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    By submitting this form you certify to the following as of the date of submission:I, as owner of the above listed vessel have requested that the Town of Danvers pump out the holding tank(s). I realize that participating in the Town of Danvers pump out program requires that the pump out vessel must come in close contact with my vessel, and that the Town of Danvers and its pump out vessel operator(s) take reasonable precaution to avoid damaging my vessel during their operations. I also realize that despite the efforts of the pump out operator(s), such close contact between vessels can occasionally result in minor cosmetic or mechanical damage or loss to my vessel. By engaging the Town of Danvers pump out program, I understand and agree that the Town of Danvers, its officers, employees, volunteers, contributors, partners and vessels, are not responsible for any such damages or losses that may occur as a result of participating in the pump out program, and I hereby waive my right to claim any such responsibility or liability, in a court of law or admiralty or otherwise, for any such damages against Town of Danvers, its officers, employees, volunteers, contributors, partners or vessels.I hereby affirm that the holding tank vent is in working order, the valves are in their proper position for pump out. In consideration of the pump out service provided by the Town of Danvers without charge, I waive and release any claims against the Town of Danvers for damage to the vessel or its systems arising in connection with the provision by the Town of Danvers of the pump-out service.I am either the owner or authorized by the owner(s) to request these services, and I agree to the damage waiver above.
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