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Danvers Smart Savings Program


Danvers Electric is offering a demand management program to residential and small business customers. If you have a Google Nest smart thermostat connected to your central air conditioner you can participate! You will earn direct payments AND your participation helps lower the electricity peak, which benefits everyone in Danvers and New England.

Customer Benefits:
• Adopt leading consumer technology and save energy year round
• $60 gift card for joining program
• $20 gift card for participating this summer
Go to to enroll in the SmartSavings program today!

Schedule a Remote Home Energy Assessment

Being at home so much may increase your utility bills. Let Danvers Electric help you make an energy savings plan.

By using the video feature on your iPhone or Android phone, our contractor Energy New England (ENE) can capture information about your home that they need to create a comprehensive Home Energy Assessment Report. They will set up a call that takes about an hour. They'll email you the report and schedule a follow up call with you to review it and make a short- and long-term plan.

Danvers residents can call ENE at 888-772-4242, email [email protected] or visit to schedule a FREE remote home energy assessment today.



Energyn Star LogoThe Town offers rebates on select ENERGYSTAR appliances, electric heat pumps, and ENERGYSTAR equipment. Danvers Electric customers who purchased an EnergyStar certified appliance within 1 year of application submission may be eligible for a rebate.  Look for the EnergyStar logo on the yellow Energy Guide that comes on all appliances for energy savings. Additionally, please check the SEER and/or HSPF rating requirements to confirm eligibility on associated equipment.

Rebates offered by the Town include:

Cordless Electric Outdoor Equipment

Equipment (Cordless Only) Lifetime (Years) Rebate (per item)
Riding Lawn Mower 10  $                       150.00
Push Lawn Mower 10  $                       100.00
String Trimmers and Edgers 5  $                         40.00
Hedge Trimmers 5  $                         40.00
Leaf Blowers 5  $                         40.00
Pressure Washers 5  $                         50.00
Chain and Pole Saws 5  $                         50.00
Submit application online here.


  • Refrigerators must be EnergyStar rated


  • Room air conditioners must be EnergyStar rated and must be replacing an older unit which has been properly disposed of (a Receipt of Disposal from the Town is required)


  • Central air conditioning units must be EnergyStar rated and have a SEER* rating of 16 or higher

$2,000 (max) on ELECTRIC HEAT PUMP UNITS - Single and Multi-Head Ductless (aka non-ducted) and Ducted Systems

  • $500/ton (Maximum $2,000) (1 ton = 12,000 BTU/hr) - Heat pump units must be EnergyStar rated, have a SEER* rating of 18 or higher and a HSPF** of 10 or higher
  • For combination units (heat pump/AC), only the heat pump rebate will be issued.


  • Dehumidifiers must be ENERGYSTAR rated


  • Hybrid water heater heat pumps must be ENERGYSTAR rated

$50 on WIRELESS-ENABLED/SMART THERMOSTATS (Additional $60 Smart Thermostat Program incentive for Nest Users) - More info here


$300 on LEVEL 2 EV CHARGERS (240V)

NOTE: Rebates are for Danvers' residents only with active accounts in good standing.

*The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a measure of the cooling efficiency of a system. The higher the SEER number, the more efficiently the system operates.

**The Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) is used to measure the efficiency of air source heat pumps. The higher the HSPF rating of a unit, the more energy efficient it is.

Danvers Electric has partnered with Energy New England to process and administer the energy conservation rebate program.  Additional information about Energy New England, Danvers energy saving rebates, the EV charger rebate program, free energy assessments, and Danvers Electric programs can be found here.


Online application is above.  If you have any questions, please reach out to our Energy Resources Manager, Jeff Elie at [email protected] .

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