Fire Prevention FAQ


Where can I get a fire department Keybox?

The Danvers Fire Department strongly recommends installing a Knox Box at the front entrance to all businesses.  Having this in place assures that the fire department will be able to gain access to the building/business during an emergency, without doing additional damage to the building.  These knox boxes may be purchased at:

Please contact the Fire Prevention Office to review the location and installation of the key box before installation.


I am selling my home.  How do I schedule a smoke and carbon monoxide detector inspection for the sale?

To schedule an inspection of your home please call Danvers Fire Headquarters at 978-762-0245,  24 hours prior to the requested inspection date.  Our inspections for smoke detector/CO detectors are conducted Monday through Friday between 3:30 and 4:30.  A fee of $35.00 (by check to Town of Danvers) per unit shall be received by the inspector upon completion of the inspection.  Once the inspection has been scheduled it is the owners responsibility to make sure all detectors meet the requirements of MGL 148 and the Massachusetts State Building Code.


How can I dispose my old portable fire extinguisher?

Home fire extinguishers may be disposed of in your regular trash once the pressure in the canister has been released. Consider this an opportunity to train and familiarize yourself in the use of a portable fire extinguisher.  In an outside, open area, release the contents of the extinguisher using the acronym PASS:

1. Pull the Pin

2. Aim the Nozzle

3. Squeeze the trigger

4. Sweep from side to side

Once you have expelled all of the contents of the extinguisher and the cylinder is not charged it may be thrown away into the regular trash.  If you are not comfortable with expelling the agent the extinguishers may be brought to the fire department for disposal.

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