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Fire Sprinkler Plan Review and Permits

Existing Fire Sprinkler Systems

A fire sprinkler permit shall be required for any alterations to existing fire sprinkler systems.  (1) set of 11″ x 17″ plans shall be submitted with the below permit application to the Fire Prevention Office for approval.

Fire Dept Permit Application

New Fire Sprinkler Systems

Any new fire sprinkler systems in commercial/residential buildings shall require a building permit from the Town Building Inspector.  The Fire Department shall receive (1) set of 11″ x 17″ plans  with the below Plan Review Request Form, to review and submit comments to the building inspector prior to installation of the system.  The Fire Department may require a system review with the submitting fire sprinkler contractor.

Plan Review Request Form

Fire Sprinkler Acceptance Testing

All updated or new fire sprinkler installations shall be tested by the Fire Department upon completion.  Call the Fire Prevention office to schedule an appointment.

All new systems shall meet the following requirements prior to final testing:

  1. Above ceiling inspections shall be completed by the fire department on all installations before installations of ceiling grids.
  2. The Fire Department shall witness a complete flush of the fire service before bringing water in to the system.
  3. The Fire Department shall witness a 200 lb. hydrostatic test of the entire system for 2 hours.  This test shall be documented on the NFPA 13 Above Ground Piping Certificate.

NFPA 13 Above Ground Piping Certificate (2013)

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