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FY23 Water and Sewer Rates

Posted on July 5, 2022

The Water & Sewer Commissioners conducted a Public Hearing on the Water & Sewer rates on Thursday June 23, 2022.  After consideration, the Water & Sewer Commissioners, based on analysis and recommendations from staff, voted to increase the FY23 Water & Sewer rates by 3% and 3.5%, respectively, effective July 1, 2022. Under this model, the combined water and sewer costs for an average family (12,000 cubic feet per year) would be increased by 3.13% or $15.61 per quarter.

The FY23 Water and Sewer operating budgets had a very modest increase from last year. David Lane, Director DPW & Utilities stated, “We recognize the impact this will have on our customers, however, there were several factors which lead to this increase including increased debt payments, decreasing water sales, and the need to continue completing capital projects to maintain our ageing system.“

The rates for Water and Sewer are set to support the maintenance and improvements of Danvers’ infrastructure as well as the day-to-day operations needed to provide Danvers customers with treated drinkable water.

If you have further questions regarding Danvers Water and Sewer rates, please visit our website or call 978-774-0005.

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