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Grease Trap

In accordance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Regulation 5, Title 5 of the State Environmental Code (310CMR 15.00), the following regulations as adopted by vote of the Board of Health, Town of Danvers. “Pursuant to Regulation 5 of the State Environmental Code (310 CMR 15.00), the owner of any commercial food establishment or his designee shall inspect the grease trap(s) monthly and shall have it (them) cleaned before the level of grease exceeds twenty-five percent (25%) of the effective depth of the trap and under no circumstances is a grease trap to be cleaned less often than once every three (3) months. All persons transporting sewage collected with the Town of Danvers shall report the cleaning of food establishment grease traps to the office of the Board of Health. This report shall be made on a form supplied by the Board of Health and shall be completed and delivered to the office of the Board of Health on or
prior to the first day of the month of February, May, August, and November of each year. The report shall be for the previous three months.

Richard B. Staples, Chairman
C. Everett Elliott
Anthony S. Patton, M.D.

Effective upon Publication.
Adopted by vote: December 13, 1982
Published in the Danvers Herald, Danvers, MA: February 24, 1983
Filed with the DEP/DWPC: January 3, 1990

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