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Important Recycling Update

Posted on December 20, 2017

No Plastic Bags in Recycling

Contamination levels in recycling has become a serious issue with unmarketable materials. Residents continue to include diapers, wooden crates, gas jugs, paint cans, garden hoses, Christmas lights, and worst of all plastic bags in recycling receptacles.

As a reminder, JRM cannot accept plastic bags in with recycling material. The bags get tangled in the sorting equipment and are no longer acceptable in any recycling sorting facilities.

Last year JRM started a 4 week program when they were leaving the items at the curb with orange stickers reminding residents that the unacceptable plastic bags are not to be included with curbside recycling. For the most part the warnings worked and plastic bags started to disappear and contamination levels in the recycling loads decreased.

Unfortunately, due to the current depressed recycling market conditions, the level of acceptable contamination has continued to decrease with a zero tolerance for any unacceptable items.

Effective 1-1-18, JRM service crews will be leaving plastic bags and other unacceptable materials behind with orange stickers to again remind residents that they are not acceptable in the curbside recycling.

Zero tolerance for the plastic bags is here to stay. JRM is committed to working with Danvers to educate and inform residents of any unacceptable recycling items for curbside collection.

NOTE: Plastic bags can be recycled at your local grocery or department stores where you get them. Please return them to the store the next time you shop!

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