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Message from Town Manager – COVID Update | March 18, 2020

Posted on November 4, 2020

March 18, 2020 | 7:45 PM

A Message from Danvers Town Manager Steve Bartha:

Good Evening. This is Danvers Town Manager Steve Bartha. I am calling tonight to update you on the impacts of the Coronavirus in Danvers. Today, in consultation with the Chair of the BOS and the Director of Public Health, I declared a state of emergency in Danvers.

This declaration was issued proactively for three reasons: first, to bring the Town into alignment with the state and federal levels of government; second, to ensure that we have the administrative flexibility to respond in real time to the fast evolving situation and better direct our limited resources efficiently and effectively.

As of today, Danvers still has zero confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the community, but it is very important that we avoid drawing the wrong conclusions or look for a false sense of security in this fact.

As a state and a country, our ability to test for infection remains woefully lacking. As a result, it is more likely than not that undetected cases do in fact exist in our community. Our local and regional hospitals have prepared the best they can to receive patients affected by COVID-19, but they lack the capacity to serve a massive influx of patients at one.

This leads to the third reason for the declaration – to reiterate the important role we all play in slowing the spread of the virus by practicing social distancing and family isolation, so that healthcare professionals can to their jobs.

In addition to restrictions put in place by the Governors orders this past weekend, you may notice a few additional restrictions for Danvers residents. Yesterday, we closed all the playgrounds in Danvers for the safety of our community.

Local leaders remain hard at work behind the scenes to ensure that core services continue. Most Town business can be conducted online and there is limited staff at Town Hall answering phones and emails and coordinating with our local, state, and federal partners.

Please check out website frequently, we provide the most up to date information there, I encourage you to practice social distancing in the days to come and please know, we are with you in this.
Be well and stay safe. Thank you

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