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2019 Mosquito Season

UPDATE 10/01/2019

Additional barrier sprays will be applied by the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control District around the perimeter of the following locations on the evening of October 1st.

  1. Riverside Elementary Athletic Field
  2. Great Oak Athletic Fields
  3. Highlands Athletic Fields
  4. Holten-Richmond/Plains Park Athletic Fields

For additional information, please read below; or, contact Mark Carleo at [email protected] with questions.

UPDATE 09/27/2019

The Board of Health, with assistance from the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control District applied a “barrier spray” surrounding athletic fields at the following locations late Thursday (9/26/19) evening:

  1. Danvers High School Athletic Fields
  2. Thorpe School Athletic Fields
  3. John George Park

Caution: Mosquitoes

As of 8AM Friday September 27th, we are currently working with Mosquito Control to schedule additional fields for next week. These will include:

  1. Great Oak Elementary
  2. Highlands Elementary
  3. Riverside Elementary
  4. Plains Park

Please check back often for updates.

Additionally, Health Department staff assisted in coordinating the same application to athletic fields at Essex Tech and St. John’s Prep.  Risk assessments are currently being conducted on several other fields in Town, and when a conclusion has been reached, additional notifications will be provided to affected families.

These applications are being done in conformance with the Town’s Best Management Plan which provides for sustained virus intervention from mosquitoes in high public use areas used after dusk, or pre-dawn.

It is of the utmost importance that all individuals continue to protect themselves and their families from mosquito bites regardless of any mosquito control effort by the Board of Health.  Follow the 4 D’s to prevent mosquito bites and the transmission of disease.

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Resource Library:

Mosquito Control and the Department of Public Health – Public Message on avoiding mosquito bites

2019 Integrated Pest and Vector Management Plan for the Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control District

2019 Best Management Plan for the Town of Danvers

Deltamethrin (active ingredient in barrier spray) Fact Sheet

General Consumer Info Bulletin for parents of school children/athletes


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