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Past Events


Bumper Sticker Contest Winner | After receiving over 30 entries from students grades 6-12, the Committee selected Alexis (gr. 6) for First Place, Maddie (grade 11) for second place, and Sadie (grade 6) for third place. A gallery of all entries can be seen here.


2020 Chanukah | Chanukah runs from December 10 through 17. On Saturday, December 12, Rabbi Sruli Baron, led the Chanukah blessings. Videos and photos can be viewed on the event page.

2020 Pride Flag Raising | Watch our 2020 Pride Ceremony and view photos of the event here.

2020 MLK Day Tribute  | Watch our 2020 Martin Luther King Tribute and view photos of the event here.


2019 Independence Day | The 2019 Independence Day reading of the Declaration of Independence can be viewed here.

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